• Random and Odd


    Someone…I’m not saying names…SOMEONE in this house, that uses my computer, that is sleeping like a sweet snoring angel in the bed next to my computer, NO NAMES…deleted my “Spotlight” folder.

    It’s alright, i’m pretty certain that he didn’t MEAN to do it.

    You know what this means right? If you sent me an email saying, “Spotlight this person.” or you were targeted to be spotlight, was nice enough to fill out the questions and emailed it to me where SOMEONE in this house deleted it…please resend it.

    JT SNOW & SARAH’S SISTERS: please resend me the emails we had going. I really would like to spotlight them, and what you all wrote about the people you love was touching and there is NO way I could recreate those words.

    and now I am off to call my sick sister and drain my cell phone battery.