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    Why does everything monumental happen on Thursday? Allowing me exactly 4 minutes to upload my last minute pictures?

    My trip to SF today wasn’t one we had expected making. During the second or third round of dress ravishing at David’s Bridal last night, ‘Cita got a phone call letting her know her dad was in the hospital. It was a last minute trip where I was just along to read the map and make jokes at the stupid drivers. It turned out to be much more. My role as ‘co-pilot’ was taken up a notch.
    It was an emotionally draining day that ends with me wanting to call my dad and tell him that I love him so very much and just hold him until I fall asleep.

    First Up *wiping away tears* My Secret:

    Since my sister can admit to having a life long crush on David Cassidy then I can admit my little secret…I have NEVER bought my own bra. I have NO idea what size cup or how ‘around’ I am.
    My mom has always bought me my bras. Training, Nursing and Victoria’s Secret…she has bought them all. Yes internet, i’m 33 years old and I have never walked into a store and bought myself a bra. Ever.
    During the spell check of this, Shaun nicely pointed out, “That’s weird. You’ve bought as many bras as I have.”

    My Toys:

    Didn’t see this one coming huh? Yeah…well, according to my stat counter; my mother, my sister, Tyler’s girlfriend’s Mom & possibly the pastor at the Baptist church I use to attend when I was little…read this blog. You’ll have to pretend that I’m ballsy enough to post stuff like that.
    Sorry Metro.

    My Eyes:

    Shaun took this one and he’s quite proud of it. (please…no comments about how artistic this picture is because if I have to see Shaun strut around this house all proud of himself and barely able to fit his big noggin through the door frames I will just barf.)

    Okay…you know the drill…


    *crossing fingers, hoping we get a hundred this week!*

    *i love shaun and if you do too…just tell him how talented he is…he’s a Leo and loves the attention.

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    I’m on a long trip with a friend today. Send good vibes, prayers, strength and driving fairies.

    I have more pictures of little girls in dresses at my Flickr site if you get bored…leave a comment.

    Don’t forget tomorrow is Friday… Your Toys, Your Secrets and Your Eyes is what’s on your homework list.

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