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    Friday Jan. 27th – Shake it off…


    Jan. 27th

    Your Toys
    Your Secret
    Your Eyes

    I’m full of anxiety today.
    At night I take medicine to help me sleep. Without the medicine I will stay up for hours watching tv, fighting the chest crushing stress that seems to linger around late at night.
    I thought that if I got a few good nights sleep that the stress during the day would dwindle. It seems to have caught on to my plan and decided that today it was going to slip inside and sqeeze me until my teeth hurt and my legs ache.

    Your Toys: Many of you have kids and I remember when my girls were little, my favorite game to play with them was Memory. As they got older I enjoyed playing Barbie with them. Now they are into baby dolls and roller skating. I have found my own toys to play with now. (Metro…get your damn head out the gutter!)
    If you don’t have toys…show me what you play with. Sewing? Scrapbooking? Painting? Pictures? Excersise? Memory Cards?

    Your Secret: Come on…you’re hiding something. Show us! (hint: if you take a picture real close up, we might not be able to figure it out)

    Your Eyes: They are the window to the soul. Let me see your peepers.

  • friends,  Random and Odd

    i got a new toy I want to share!!

    Someone asked me if I knew how many readers I have.
    I said, “A few.”
    Someone said, “According to your stat counter, how many do you have?”
    I said, “More than a few.”

    I’m a big old wussy when it comes to knowing how many readers I have. I would never be able to have the little ticker on the bottom of my site telling me how many people have come here. I like to pretend that Random and Odd is just a hole in the wall bar on the corner that only a few people know about.

    The best thing I like about Random and Odd is that I get you guys on Fridays. On Fridays you guys not only put yourself out there, you go and comment on other people’s blogs. People that sometimes don’t get very many comments…and you make people happy. I love you guys all week, but I’m so happy on Fridays when I go to some new blog we’ve never heard of…and there you are, commenting away and saying, “Thanks for playing…welcome to the group.” You guys just bring tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for being such an awesome group of people.

    SO, yesterday while Shaun was throwing up and the older girls stayed home complaining of aches and pains…I made a new website. It’s a ‘spotlighting bloggers’ website. I’m going to try to upload new bloggers profiles so you can all get to know someone new, catch up with someone you lost contact with or just leave a comment for the featured blogger.
    Also..if you own your own business and you want some advertising…send me the webpage and I will throw it up on the sponsors area. (nothing that blinks though…I will seriously have an anxiety attack at the blinking blinky things)

    I also want an ‘in memory of’ portion of the blog for people we have lost. If you have a link to your blog that highlights someone’s life, please send it my way.
    If someone knows where I can get the post or blog of Sarah Kaplan, please send it my way too. I would really like that on the spotlight blog.

    And your part…if you want someone’s blog spotlighted, send me their email address so I can send them the questions.

    and now…I give you….. Spotlighting Bloggers ……..