• Random and Odd


    A couple of years ago during the NFL draft, I met my ‘boyfriend’.

    Last year, my boyfriend should have gone to the Superbowl…but those little pricks stole it away from him.


    If the SeaChickens go to the superbowl with them, we are having one HELL OF A PARTY at my house!

    BYOB…and I will supply all the cursing & HD TV!!

  • Random and Odd


    size zero. bitches.

    In the past week, five people from my past have contacted me in one way or another.

    I have certain people I have ‘put away’, some people that have just ‘lost contact’ with and other people that I can’t emotionally deal with…so I pretend they died or moved to Utah. Same thing.

    The first was a girl I went to grade school with and to sound more mature than I am…we didn’t always agree on things.
    Who am I kidding? She didn’t like me. I always wanted to hang out with her, but she was mean. She invited all my friends to her birthday party this one year, and I was surprised she gave me invitation too. About 3 hours later, she came up to me and said she changed her mind. Then the night of her party, all my friends were over at her house for the best slumber party ever…she called me and asked me why I didn’t come! I told her what she said about changing her mind and SHE LAUGHED.
    That was only the tip of the iceberg of mean and I realize that if I wrote about all the mean things in this post, you would be reading well into Wednesday.

    She sent me this very nice email. I wrote her back and I didn’t mention the things she did to me and how much her words hurt me as a little girl.
    I called Ruka, who also went to school with her, and we came up with worst case scenarios on what happened after high school. Of course I wouldn’t wish that she weights 2 tons, has lost all of her teeth and breaks out in a red rash whenever someone uses the word, ‘cheerleader’ in a sentence. I actually hope the best for her and I hope that she does remember and feels sort of bad for the person she was and makes a difference in the lives of her children.

    The other person that contacted me is someone I have mixed feelings about. She hurt me every time I came in contact with her. She slips into my life and just turns up the heat and then disappears. It’s the most toxic friendship I ever had.
    I did something morally wrong when I was friends with this person and that action changed my life forever.

    I had time to sit back last night and think about these two people that in one way or another contacted me and where I need to put them in my life.

    The toxic relationship needs to be left alone. When I was morally bankrupt and did the things I did, I met someone. This someone changed me for the better. If this someone could speak he would say,
    “Are you happy?”
    and I would say yes.
    and he would say, “Then don’t talk to her.”

    During the rebuilding of ‘self’ with this person, he taught me how to trust again. He taught me how to ask for help. He taught me that even though people sometimes do something really wrong, you need to look at the core of who they are…and don’t judge them. He taught me that I am strong in some aspects of my life and I am weak in the others. He taught me that I need to let other people take some of the load. It’s because of this person that I can be with Shaun in a healthy relationship and trust him to help me, be strong where I am weak…and not to judge him.

    The first girl is going to benefit from the things I learned from the second.
    I forgive the little girl from grade school.
    I emailed her and told her where I was living and what I was doing.

    She said she now lives in a small ski resort town…Doesn’t that sound like Utah?