• stuff portrait friday


    This Week: WAKE UP! My Lotions: Okay, don’t be saying, “If she can afford TWO bottles of Tutti Dolci lotion, she can afford…” It was marked down to $4.50 and then 50% off that! Bath and Body Works is blowing some stuff out, if you have one near you…GO. My Towels: You didn’t think my towels actually matched, did you? The Toothbrush: It’s time for a new one. Did you play??

  • Random and Odd

    But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

    If at any point you thought for a moment that I was organized or ‘had it all together’, this post should pretty much clear it up for you. Between two computers, I have scattered phone numbers and addresses. In order for me to locate someone, I have to stop for a moment and try to remember what part of my life they existed in. “Okay, did I talk to them pre-computer-in-bedroom days or not?” Between these two computers I have about 17,000 folders of pictures. Again, in order to locate on of them I have to check THREE different places. Computer in bedroom, computer in kitchen or the back up…