• stuff portrait friday



    This Week: WAKE UP!

    My Lotions:

    Stuff Portrait Friday

    Okay, don’t be saying, “If she can afford TWO bottles of Tutti Dolci lotion, she can afford…”
    It was marked down to $4.50 and then 50% off that! Bath and Body Works is blowing some stuff out, if you have one near you…GO.

    My Towels:

    Stuff Portrait Friday

    You didn’t think my towels actually matched, did you?

    The Toothbrush:

    Stuff Portrait Friday

    It’s time for a new one.

    Did you play??

  • Random and Odd

    But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

    Robert and his son...

    If at any point you thought for a moment that I was organized or ‘had it all together’, this post should pretty much clear it up for you.

    Between two computers, I have scattered phone numbers and addresses. In order for me to locate someone, I have to stop for a moment and try to remember what part of my life they existed in.
    “Okay, did I talk to them pre-computer-in-bedroom days or not?”

    Between these two computers I have about 17,000 folders of pictures. Again, in order to locate on of them I have to check THREE different places. Computer in bedroom, computer in kitchen or the back up drive. Don’t think the ‘back up drive’ is me being responsible, It’s only there because I’ve crashed more computers than Evil Knievel crashed motorcycles.

    Kimmy sent me a letter inviting me to participate in the dish towel exchange. I had no idea such an exchange existed and was honestly surprised she invited me. She’s friends with Shelli and it took Shelli about 8 months to get the toe socks I promised her. I’m really bad at things like this. I came to the conclusion that Sissy must be crazy to invite me to play so I will send her dish towels with crazy women on them.
    I was in Target yesterday looking for new ways to organize myself and I saw a whole row of dish towels.
    “Wow…look at all those dish towels.” I could feel a spark in the back of my brain. “Dish Towels.” I felt like the announcer for Sesame Street trying to teach a 3 year old how to pronounce certain letters and sounds. “Dish. Towels.” Nope, nothing. Moving right along to the shiny pots and pans.

    When I got home I was dragging in my 50 gallon plastic bin, when I noticed the letter on my catch all.

    I don’t have anything together. I am thee most unorganized person that ever lived. I try though. I put things RIGHT in my path so I don’t forget them.
    On the way to the bedroom I found 3 things I swore I was going to blog about.
    1. The Hope doll.
    2. My John Deere hat with a wedding veil
    and…I forgot what the third one was.
    Oh wait, yes…I remember.
    3. My wedding planners. That’s you, by the way.

    Starting next Wednesday, i’m going to give you things to decide on for the wedding. I can’t do all this alone and I know you all want to help me out.
    I finally went and bought one of those Brides magazines. *shaking head* I can buy a Playgirl without being as embarrassed as I was buying that Bride book.
    Did you know there is about 36 Kazbatrillon ways to write out an invitation?

    Realizing that it’s Thursday and instead of waiting until 11 pm tonight to remember that I need to take pictures of the stuff for SPF, I decided that today will be the day that I take the pictures, write out the post and put it in my ‘drafts’ part of Blogger.

    While in there I found 4 posts I forgot to post.

    I think I need to change my mantra from “hope” to “remember”.