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    Have you ever…

    Have you ever wrote a post and then something happens and you’re like, “Doh!” cause you have some stuff to write about now…but then you think about it and it’s probably a good thing you already posted to your blog for the day because if you wrote about what happened you’d probably get your ass into deep shit with everyone you know because you went off and should have just…not?

    yeah. sometimes i think i need a private blog. wait…i do…somewhere.

    I need a program that remembers all the crap I sign for and keeps the user name and password.
    I would call that my Tyler program!

    and CHECK THIS OUT! Strizzay (The Fat Housewife) landed her daughter on a Jones bottle label! Go give her some LOVE!

  • Random and Odd


    You know what I wish we had? I wish I could find a way to have my daughter Marina’s brain made into a special blogger program.

    I could type in: “Who haven’t I read in awhile?” and this program that runs on nothing but Sprite and cheese sticks could say, “According to our data, you haven’t read George! in awhile.” and I would then type in, “Catch me up on what he’s doing…” and this program that believes that life revolves around knowing what everyone is doing at all times, who they are dating, who they like, where everyone sits in homeroom, how to text message at lighting speed and has every single phone number of every 12 year old in school would spit out, “He’s been doing this…and OMG, last week you’ll never believe what happened to him!”

    I need this program, because I suck at reading blogs and keeping up with everyone. I want to be able to sit down and say, “Alright, I have 2 hours…let’s catch up with everyone.” It doesn’t work that way though.
    It takes 2 hours just to read through the posts I have missed from ONE person. It’s NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. I feel like a blog reading failure most of the time.

    I also wish I had a program that runs like my friend Chelsea. This program would run all the time and would be able to leave messages for EVERYONE she’s ever known. It would have important things to say too. This program would be the best comment leaver.

    This is my way of saying that I suck…and I wish we had a little spot on our blogs that had a ‘catch up’ spot. A spot where I could go read it and it took like 2 minutes and then I could read the days post without being totally lost.
    Since we don’t have those, could ya’all (dear god, mini-pissy is wearing on me!) just forgive me when I leave the lamest comments on your blog? can you forgive me for just being a lurker because I don’t want to leave a comment that shows that I haven’t caught up on your blog and I had no idea you had a baby or buried your husband in the backyard?

    I want to be a good blog reader and commenter…but you haven’t seen this huge pile of laundry in my bedroom…and dear Lord, do I need to bleach the hell out of my kitchen!
    The next couple of weeks I might need to fall off the face of the earth in order to catch up with the stuff I have been slacking on.

    I did get the crock pot out of the oven though ;)