• Random and Odd


    I put some Broadway nails on tonight. I glued all of my fingers together. I had to gnaw myself free and then I got glue ON.MY.TEETH.

    Shaun and Tyler wanted me to watch ” 24 ” with them tonight and I have found the only way to get me to stick to the couch and watch the whole thing is to glue myself down. If I have something to do while watching TV, i’m more prone to watch the show.
    24 is a great show. I watched it a couple seasons ago and I really liked it, but I don’t want to commit to yet another television show. The people who wrote ” 24 ” know how to get people to watch though. Bastards.

    After the show I realized I had a memory card full of potentially cool shots from mini-golf tonight. When I sat down to download I ran my fingers through my hair and I guess I had some undried glue under my nails. I now have a bald spot and hairy fingernails.

    Martin Luther King day is tomorrow. To me, this is one hell of an important day. If you write about him, please comment so I don’t miss what you have to say.
    Dennis and Mini-Pissy are going to be here, but I want to take some time to write about his words and what they mean to me…I hope to God my thumb isn’t still glued to my pinky by then!

  • Random and Odd



    Friday was crazy for the Stone Baland household. We had 3 interviews to do and managed to snake out of 2 them. The Placer Herald came over and took pictures early in the afternoon so we had the rest of the night to enjoy some family time.

    Dennis is home from Afghanistan and he brought his girlfriend from Alabama with him to California.
    What an adorable thing she is. She’s like a mini-Pissy Britches!
    On Friday we had The Cunninghams come out and have dinner. Yes, Shaun’s parents over for dinner! How domesticated are we?

    After everyone had left, ‘Cita and I took Mini-Pissy out to the casino because she had never been to one. We all hung out at the .2 cent machines and could play for a long time on 10 bucks.
    When we slinked in at 1 am, Dennis and Shaun were already asleep. I came in to check my email and 5 minutes later I get a tiny little knock at the door.
    Elizabeth peeked her head in and showed me a brand new engagement ring!

    I don’t know how long he waited there for her to come home before he fell asleep with the ring in hand. I’m going to be a horrible step mother in law huh?

    The next day Shaun took Dennis to see “Hostel” and I took the kids to the mall. I don’t know which one is more scary and brutal.

    Now I am off to see chronicles of Narnia with the kids, step kids, neighbor kids and ex-husband.

    For those of you interested: The Sacramento Bee Article