• stuff portrait friday


    Nikon against a Knife. I win.


    Something you’re afraid of-
    Lawn Gnomes. Definitely lawn gnomes. If I had an alleyway with Freddy Krueger on one side of me, and a garden with on of these bastards in it, I’m taking my chances with the knives. There is nothing good about these things.

    The annoying window thing

    Your lucky charm-
    These little guys have been in every car I’ve owned. THere’s a peace sign earring that I got from my very first boyfriend. The turtle is part of a good luck charm the Fonz made for me. Little charms that keep me safe from red lights, the Highway Patrol, and driveways near lawn gnomes.

    Art by Shaun

    Something Friday the 13ish-
    Awwwwww, if Shaun ever decided to be a serial killer in the movies, this would definitely be the cover. Creeeeeeeepy.

    Can’t wait to see this week’s entries, should be an interesting collection!!! Did you play?

  • damn dogs!


    Halo and Shaun

    I GET IT! I get the joy of teaching a dog a new trick!

    When we got rid of the papasaun chair I kept the padding part. Last week I grabbed it out of the garage and layed it on the kitchen floor for Halo. She loved it.

    Shaun came home and of course joked about it. “Nice Ritz cracker you got there Halo”

    I taught Halo not to go in my room or the living room, the only two rooms with carpet. She does pretty good. She’s like a 12 year old little girl and does it behind my back when she thinks I’m not paying attention though. For the most part, she’s doing better than I expected.

    Yesterday Shaun gave Halo a treat and out of habit she ran to her ‘Cracker’. I had pulled her cracker down the hallway in front of my bedroom so I could sit in my room and know she would be sitting there waiting for me to come out. She didn’t like the cracker down there, so after Shaun gave her the treat she tried pulling the cracker back into the kitchen.

    Today I was filling out this interview thingy and Halo kept nudging my arm and then licking my feet. Nothing grosses me out worse than dog tounge….no, I take that back, I hate sour cream…that stuff gives me the heebie jeebies.
    I took a second and I talked to the dog. I’m not a dog talker to-er, but she needed some dog conversation since Mooshu is a bitch and is too snooty to talk to her.

    “What’s up dog?”
    *cold nose to the foot*
    “Ewwww, HALLLLOOO. Stop it. I hate it when you do that.”
    *nudging of my hands with her wet nose*
    “HALO…ew. Just talk to me, tell me what you want.”
    “Well, Kristine I would really like for you to teach me how to catch a ball out of the air.”
    I wasn’t too shocked that my dog could talk. I mean, she does stash lollipops. My dog is a friggin’ genius.

    I sat there and explained to her the art of catching the ball while it’s still in the air.

    TWO ATTEMPTS. That’s all it took. Two.

    Now If I can teach her that jumping up on the damn counter is off limits, I would be a happy dog owner!