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    I love Ebay, God knows I do…but they messed up our auction and it had to be relisted as one.
    For those of you that had us on your watched list…please click HERE to re-add us to your watching list.
    Unless you are rolling in money, own a casino or have a sugar daddy/mommy that will jump at your command…DO NOT bid on my auction…I love you…I do…but please, we just need the watchers so Ebay will feature it in the Pulse and the big companies can pick it up. Hopefully.
    If not…I become Mrs. Baland at the courthouse in Auburn and I’m just as happy with that!For those of you that don’t believe in this, don’t go there…go somewhere where it isn’t. I’m okay with it.

    The Sacramento Bee is calling my mother to interview her. The Fonz in black and white…you all ready for that?
    She’s so excited. I think she has rehearsed what she is going to say for the last 12 hours.

    My sister is kicking ass at kicking the smoking habit. Go tell her she’s doing good. She’s an attention whore and would love it if you did.
    (I love being the obnoxious little sister)

    Dennis is home from Afghanistan!! Flickr pictures are already uploaded, and more to come on Friday.

    This post is brought to you by Hooters Restaurant. (sorry, just practicing!!) hee hee.