• Random and Odd


    I let Kathy take pictures with the BAMF – Proof that I am a better sister than she is.

    I’m surprised I could sleep last night. I guess the cost of the Tylenol PM is well worth it. When I woke up I thanked the dream Gods for letting me not have nightmares about something horrible.
    Normally when something huge is going on in my life, I have REALLY bad nightmares. This last week has been a big, emotional week for me. I was due.

    On the way home from Redding, I started thinking about the people I hadn’t talked to in a long time and I scrolled through my phone list to make some calls. I called my friend, Bob. He’s a DJ in Redding and the last I heard wasn’t doing so good. I called AOM to thank her for all the work she did for me on the Ebay Auction. I also called my friend Ruka. I’ve known Ruka since 6th grade and we’ve always had this rollercoaster friendship. In the past few years we are on a good ride and I think we’ll be fine from here on out.
    Ruka just had a baby and I swore to her that if she didn’t bring that baby by so I could get some shots of him for her I was going to have to tell the internet about the time we stole her mother’s car and drove it to Chico and snuck in a bar.
    Little does she know, I can’t tell that story to the internet because I haven’t told my mother that story yet. *Slapping hand over mouth* Oh, well, looks like I just did. Good thing Ruka brought her son over to see Auntie Kristine.


    There is something about a 3 month old baby that just makes me happy. Is it the baby powder smells? is it the cute noises they make? Is it the radical arm movements that make them look like they are going to take flight? I don’t know, but I got me some baby lovin’ today.
    202 pictures later, she finally packed up her baby that will forever be seeing the blinding flash of the D70.

    I’m not sure if i’m tired out from holding, feeding, burping and lovin’ on the baby or I’m still recovering from the funeral, but i’m tired. REALLY tired.

    Tonight a reporter from the Sacramento Bee is coming out to interview us. There will be no recording cameras so I think I might survive it.
    We have another radio interview to do on Friday morning for a radio station. There is NO way I can drink that much coffee to insure that I will be awake enough to understand the DJ at 7am. If you happen to catch that one, I want to apologize now.

    Something I have been thinking about since this whole thing started; The importance of your mother’s approval.
    You know, there really isn’t anything that anyone can say that matters about the choices people make…as long as your mother has your back.
    My mom is totally behind us 100% and it’s not because I’ve always made the right choices. You, my readers, the internet she knows, have shown her something about trust and human kindness. I thank you for that. I also thank my mother for ALWAYS standing behind me through anything I do….I mean…the stuff you know about…

    …you probably wouldn’t have stood behind me when Ruka and I stole her mother’s car and got pulled over on the way home and ALMOST thrown in jail for being out past curfew with expired tags. Yeah, you would have probably kicked my ass.


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