• Wedding

    Well, we big rock singers, we got golden fingers, and we’re loved everywhere we go.

    I am going to give props to people that stand in front of camera and do interviews. There is NO WAY I can do this again. I was a wreck! Shaun of course got the butter questions and then the camera got on me I got the hard ones.

    I think I took “Deer in the headlights” look to a whole new level.

    The interview went well. They fell in love with Alyx and when she mentioned she sold her blog frog picture on Ebay, the decided to interview her holding the picture. (The owner of the blogfrog picture hasn’t emailed me to tell me she’s back in town so I can send it to her)
    She did better than I did. At least when they asked her questions she didn’t get that blank look on her face and start mumbling incoherently.

    Shaun said he will Tivo the news and put it on a DVD for you all.

    Today was a roller coaster day for me. Thank you for the supportive comments and emails. They will be stuffed in my coffin when I die of heart attack from all of this.

    During the Interview

  • stuff portrait friday



    Welcome to the first Stuff Portrait Friday of 2006!

    This week we went with ‘Before & After & New’

    The Before Picture:

    Shaun's New Baby

    The After Picture:


    Tyler spent many hours ‘helping’ his dad put this thing together
    (Shaun don’t read this part — Tyler put this thing together nearly all by himself. It came out SO much better than the lopsided BBQ he made last summer)

    The chair was a STEAL from Target (waving to all the obsessive Target readers out there) and I couldn’t be more happy with it. I thought it was going to be all cheap, but people think I got it from a furniture store. Target…who would have guessed?
    The ‘dvd/cd/electronic hider’ was also a purchase from Target (God I love Shaun’s grandma and those gift cards!)

    and last, but FAR from least: My new favorite thing.

    Now…I’m going to have to explain this to you because there isn’t a picture for it, it’s a link.

    Shaun and I are THRILLED beyond belief by the support you have shown my mom, my family and pretty much everyone you all come in contact with. My mom, she’s going to Hawaii. You guys have nearly got her there in two days. TWO DAYS! She hasn’t stopped crying yet.
    I want to take a second to mention that a donation was made in a name today. Her name is Sarah Kaplan and she recently passed away. Sarah was very loved and loved to make people happy. I think that was so awesome to donate in someone’s name and Her name will be added to the “Thank You” list on the left side of my blog.

    And on a completely different note, Bucky…I’m going to totally kiss you on the lips when I finally meet you. ’nuff said.

    So, after that ramble I am going to tell you about something Shaun and I decided to do. We have talked about this many hours and we figured if someone can make 150,000 off a pixel on a website, or can make 800.00 on a pine needle… we could make some money on Ebay too.

    We won’t ask you to bid, but we just ask you that if you are an ebayer, just put us on your ‘Watching’ list and if you have an down day on your blog and want to send a link to our auction, please do so. We have sent emails out to promotional places and some to tv and radio stations to get this seen.

    I called my mom and I told her and to my shock, she thought it was a good idea. I told my best friend who I would have sworn would have disowned me and she thought it was a great idea. We know there will be some people that hate us for doing it, but it’s time to start selling some kids off and the weakest one has GOT TO GO.
    JUST KIDDING! We’re going to keep the kids…in fact we are doing it for them.

    All of our kids have been promised by their other parents to take them to Hawaii. I’m sure if the other parents could have done it, they would have. I have NO doubt about it. The truth of the matter is, they’ve never been and since we want to be their favorite parents, we are going to take them. JUST KIDDING…but no really…we want them to go with us. Besides, we are the favorite parents. I’m going to get my ass kicked huh?

    ANYWAY, Dear Lord this is harder than telling my mother I was pregnant.

    We are auctioning off parts of the wedding. There, I said it. Yes, we are auctioning off some of my vows, some of his, the best man’s toast & the wedding dance.


    Please, no hate mail. If you’re going to send me hate mail, send it with a batch of brownies or something.