• The Fonz,  Wedding

    The West coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tanned

    I called The Fonz a little while ago to tell her that people are donating and soon we will have enough for the airfare to get her there. Not enough to get her home yet, but we all know she won’t want to leave anyway.

    My mom burst into tears. I hate it when she does this because my mom is laugher. She laughs and it makes you laugh. When she cries…you cry.

    Through her tears and blubbering words I heard this, “I don’t understand. I don’t understand how people you don’t even know would send me to Hawaii. These people, you don’t know what their faces look like, but they love you and they come to read you. I don’t know how this happens. Tell the bloggers that I love them.” Then more crying, gulping for air and blathering.

    Bloggers (and some of you that don’t blog because they haven’t picked up their camera in awhile or fantastic Lurkers) My mom, The Fonz says: Thank you, I love you!

    In the past year you have done so much. You have prayed away cancer, you have saved Penguins (I will explain that one later), you have made my mother cry with tears of joy. How did I get the coolest people on the internet reading my blog? I swear, I want to marry every single one of you and have your internet babies.

    I want to give you something…like a friendship bracelet, a coke, flash you my boobs…SOMETHING.

    Charlotte at Raggedy Hollow is donating her “Hope” doll for auction to get my mother to Hawaii. It got me to thinking about things I could auction off too…and I honestly don’t think my drawing of a frog would bring in as much as Alyx’s.

    You’ve all seen my stuff, what would you bid on? *Crossing fingers, hoping they don’t say, “your John Deere sweatshirt

    *no, the picture of me and RSG flashing our boobs at the bar is not up for sell…yet. Besides, Nilbo would outbid all of you on the first day!