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    Stuff Portrait Friday – Before & After…

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    We have new readers to Random and Odd that have NO idea what SPF is or how it works.

    So here is how SPF works:

    You email me suggestions of three things you would like to see pictures of (by the way, i’m running out…send me more suggestions)

    I pick 3 ideas from the list and on Mondays (sometimes Tuesday…or Wednesday) I will write a post telling you what the three pictures of the week will be.

    With your handy dandy digital, you go take pictures of the three suggestions.

    Thursday night or Friday morning you post the pictures on your blog and then come back here and say, “Wow, Kristine…I love your picture of fuzzy toe socks…and by the way…I PLAYED!” and then everyone can go check out your stuff. If everyone is nice, they leave you a comment.

    It’s simple, but you guys just love it…so I keep doing it.

    Jan 6th – SPF

    1. Show me BEFORE

    2. show me AFTER

    3. Show me your new favorite thing

    Now this can be a picture of anything from before, your hair..your before make up picture…your yard…your bedding…

    of course, after is what It looked like after you did it.

    and some of us got some cool stuff with our gift cards/presents or kick ass in-laws…so show me what your new favorite is!!

    Any suggestions for the week of FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!??

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    Most of you know that I use to work for a company that would send Mystery Shoppers out to businesses to make sure everything was run well, was clean and you got good customer service.
    This job was awesome because I got to pay people for doing things they liked to do. For those of you that are thinking about doing it professionally and making hundreds of dollars, sit back down…you make hardly nothing, but you do get free things and good meals.

    At the end of the day I would have piles of reports I had to go through. I loved to read the things that people had to say;
    “I found a band-aid in my salad!”
    “That was the cleanest bathroom I have ever been in!”
    “Did you know that on the NJ Turnpike they have HEATED TOILET SEATS in the Sunoco bathrooms!!??”
    “The customer service was rotten!”

    When you read the last statement, it’s a red flag. That is the MAIN thing that a shopper watches for. How were you treated? was it in a timely manner? would you go back based on the customer service you received?

    The day after Christmas, I cashed in all my gift cards and I ordered online the one thing I have been wanting since Auntie Patties birthday party. A flash. I had been reading up on it for awhile..trying to figure out if I should go with the 600 or the 800 and after talking to the Gods on Flickr, I decided I would go with the 600. The 600 has more of what I am wanting and it actually costs less.
    I priced around and BuyDig.com had the cheapest price…


    Sometime after the purchase I was sposta get a tracking number. I didn’t get one, so I decided to call and check….make sure all was right with my new baby.

    I was on hold for 10 minutes (9:57) when I finally got someone on the phone and I don’t know if she was Russian or Greek, but I had NOOOO idea what she was saying.
    After three attemps I realized that Cooshtumer Noom-er is actually, “Customer Number” and when I tried to give it to her she said, “I no hear you.” and hung up.

    Frustrated and mumbling, “Ohhh hell no she didn’t!” I called back. I was on hold for another 15 minutes before I decided to give up and just blog about it.

    How can this be? How can in this day and age customer service suck so bad? Shaun went into Radio Shack the other day and got horrible customer service. HOW?
    Do you see this? This is my foot going down, NO MORE BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    I bought my 50mm lens from Ritz Camera online. They have a 24/7 online customer service that I had to use when I gave the zip code to Guam during my order. They fixed the problem ON THE SPOT.
    The flash should have been purchased from Ritz for doing me right the first purchase, but I was just trying to save a few bucks.

    So the point of this ranting post…don’t buy camera stuff from buydig.com, the customer service sucks.