• photography

    I grabbed two girlies and a beer that’s cold…

    Rock on, Internet…rock on.

    Okay, I thought I had escaped the dreaded hang-over, but I had a delayed reaction until I ate. Suddenly the head was pounding…I could hear “whooop whoop whooop” as I sat there trying to read the paper.
    I took a couple pills and climbed back into bed. The sound of Shaun typing on the computer sounded like a 300 lb tap dancer in the corner of my room. I managed to fall asleep. The benefits of getting some sleep didn’t out-weigh the nausea you feel when you wake up from the nap. No one told me that. Someone should have told me that.

    Last month Shaun and I bought a Kodak digital camera for the video capabilities. When I gave the Fonz my old camera I didn’t realize that I would no longer have any way to video tape those special moments in the car when Shaun is singing “Jingle Bell Rock” in his Pee Wee Herman voice. This camera is much like the one I gave The Fonz, but a little bit bigger, less megapixels and it shoots out this crazy green light.

    I was banished to the Kodak camera last night because I was drinking. Nothing says “New Years Regret” like dropping a thousand dollar camera. Shaun doesn’t drink so he got to play with BAMF all night.
    I know how lucky I am to have the D70, but it’s not until I was using the Kodak (by the way, the Kodak’s name is Tim…because compared to the D70–he’s tiny) that I realized how spoiled I have become.

    “What the hell is wrong with this thing? IT WON’T SHOOT!”
    “Kristine, it just took a picture, you have to give it a second to take another one.”
    “piece of crap. oh god, what the hell is this?”
    “That is called the lens cap, Kristine. Put down the glass of wine if you’re going to take a picture like that.”
    “Why can’t I see through the hole?”
    “Because you have the viewfinder on the back, it’s just…God Kristine, here…take the D70.”

    It was at that moment that I realized that I shouldn’t take the D70. I had already spilled merlot on ‘Cita’s carpet and later found out that SOMEHOW it got on the ceiling.

    “No, it’s okay.” I looked down at the little camera and decided that much like my prom date in high school, he wasn’t very studly, he could probably do the trick for the night.
    I then turned the camera back on, only to have it shut off mid picture.
    “WHAT THE HELL? THE BATTERY DIED!?” The D70 shoots around 800 pictures before the battery dies.

    and much like the end of my prom night, I realized…size does matter.

    This drunken prom date wishes everyone a Happy New Year!