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    This Blog Interupted

    I’m taking a break from blogging for awhile.
    I have hurt the feelings of someone I love very much and I have decided that if blogging anything that will hurt the feelings of anyone I care for then it’s time for me to rethink how I phrase certain words and pick and choose certain shared events.

    If there is something I wrote about you in this blog that at any time offended you, I am sorry.

    *Michael, if I called you the garbage man instead of a sanitation worker. I am sorry.
    **Mom, if I called you the Fonz when you really thought you should have been likened to Jennifer Aniston. I’m sorry.

    I’m sorry if my words have hurt anyone.

    and that’s it for now.

    *mom, you’re dreaming if you think I would ever liken you to Jennifer Aniston. And yes, my brother is a garbage man…a damn good one. He also sings Al Green really horribly, but I still love him.
    **mom, you ARE the Fonz. and no, my mom and brother were not offended. My brother can’t read and my mother is sleeping with George Clooney. Sorry Dad. my sister has a dirty bathroom and I will soon have the pictures to prove it. all 6 of you that read my blog already know where to find the picture. just kidding. Metro, email me and I will forward you the picture. You need to know my sister isn’t as perfect as you think she is. ;)


  • Random and Odd

    At My Desk

    I’m trying to find something to do to make me look busy. I can’t find anything so I made a list of what you would find on my desk…if you worked with me.

    2 framed pictures, one of Shaun and the girls & the other is of Alyx in the leaves.
    2 loose pictures, one of Kara & one of all the kids on the first day of school.
    1 empty candy bowl.
    1 empty Starbucks cup.
    1 empty coffee cup with fishes on it.
    1 full water bottle.
    3 post it notes with email address on it.
    1 fortune cookie insert that says, “You have the makings of a leader, not a follower.”
    post it note with the password to our drives.
    my cell phone
    tape I used to hang the 2 loose pictures with
    file organizer with random reports.
    calendar I highlighted every other week because it looks pretty.
    green highlighter, one blue pen.
    and me.

    What would I find at your desk?