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    My Weekend in Pictures


    Hmmm, Reno or Sacramento?
    Yeah, I had to stay in town this weekend…and what a weekend it was. I managed to do ALL this stuff in 3 days.


    Friday Night
    I had to learn this. I MUST learn how to use my camera before I can justify buying a new one.
    I learned this. You will not see the proof in the following pictures, but I did learn this.
    I’m going to try reading it again and this time NOT on pain meds.


    Saturday Afternoon
    Why does it seem there is a picture of me tieing shoes in every folder on my hard drive?
    The girls went to a birthday party, and I managed to escape this one without skating.


    I didn’t escape looking like a dork. I did however escape posting the picture where it looks like I lost my upper lip!
    This is the typical expression when Shaun says something funny and it takes me 2 seconds to process it and decide if he’s being funny or sarcastic. This is the, “Ohhhh, he’s being sarcastic-look”


    Baya on skates. She’s too cute for her own good. Really, this kid will charm you out of your quarters, lipstick and first born.


    Saturday Night

    My holiday party. It was a ‘semi formal’ night. See the wine glass? yeah, I polished off a half a bottle of red before we finally made a break for the door.
    Not before saying hello to the best office manager in the whole cellular industry.


    She really is a truly amazing woman. If I have learned nothing from working for my company, I have learned that there are people out there that love and respect with all of themselves and Donna is a damn fine example.

    Sunday Afternoon


    Bowling. How in the hell did I get myself into this one?
    My children beat me at bowling. I did pull off an impressive 69 though ;)


    She got a spare!!!!


    and I got a hug!

    Sunday Night

    I’m going to bed…