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    End of the Month Update…

    JULIA UPDATE: she’s doing better. Her mom said when she opened the page and saw all those comments and what you all said, she was truly touched.

    JESSICA UPDATE: She looks pretty good. A little bruised, a little swollen and a bit broken (her ego) and even though she was telling the story to me and she was being strong and willing to share all the details and say how she will NEVER take him back, she was still not ready to hear how much her story was hurting us. It was okay to be angry at the dick head, it was okay to wish he would rot in jail, but it wasn’t okay to say, “I was so scared for you.” Her mother started to cry, not sob…just tears rolling down her face as she stared at her baby girl and Jessica had to get up and walk away because the pain she caused her mother was more painful than anything her exboyfriend could have ever done.

    AL GREEN UPDATE: Damn, it’s time like these I wish GOD read my blog so he could damn the person who thinks Al is hell.
    No really, If I had a list of the men that can get women to drop their panties, Al Green is on that list. Bret Favre is up there. Sean Connery. The guy in that one movie that was so totally hot, but I can’t remember his name or the movie. I have a list somewhere, i’ll have to share it with you. Just know that AL GREEN IS A PANTY DROPPER! listen to his words, he knowssssss what it takes.

    COZY COMFIES UPDATE: [story removed per request]

    DIGITAL REBEL UPDATE: I have to wait. Greg brought me the CD with the pictures I took at work. I’ll share them with you when I get back from my DES meeting tonight.

    Happy Fucking New Year Update: We’re doing good. Really. We are working out the problems and we are really trying.

    it’s Friday night, WHY ARE YOU SITTING HERE READING THIS!? go out, enjoy a few minutes alone with you foot soaker, your dog, your new husband….or go call your mom or good friend.

    Hey Kath, wanna have some coffee and a smoke?

  • Random and Odd

    I heart Al Green

    I watched an ‘okay’ movie the other day, “Little Black Book” and I realized I wanted some Carly Simon music.
    I decided to make a cheesy-non-disco 70’s CD. It’s a doozy too.
    And here is where I admit to the internet that I have another problem.
    I can’t make a CD without Al Green on it…somewhere.
    I think it’s a Seguin family trait, the love of Al Green. Al can get my brother, Jerry, to dance. Al can get my brother to sing. Al Green has been on every single mother-daughter trip that I can remember.
    Al Green can always get me to smile.

    I heart Al Green.

    Sidenote: Did any of your parents raise you to listen to Dr. Hook? Because I’ve been listening to this cheesy 70’s CD and NO ONE that has heard it knew he was.