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    Sheeeeeee’s Back!

    Sheeeeeee's Back!

    My friend, Jessica, is back. Not under the best circumstances though.

    She called last night at 2am and since I was carefully tucked into bed with the cozy comfies, I didn’t even hear the phone.
    I checked my messages today to hear a crying Jessie saying that her boyfriend tried to kill her. He strangled her, gave her a black eye and nearly broke her fingers when she struggled to get away.

    For those of you that have followed the story of Jessie, you’ll know she moved to Oregon to get away from him. He found her and she took him back. This is surprise because she is so damn headstrong. When she sets her mind to something, she sticks to it. She packed up her things, quit her job and moved. Then she took him back…SO unlike her.

    I didn’t hear from her much while she was gone. Mostly a couple of calls, “I miss you, I love you.” and that was it. Then her number changed and I didn’t hear from her…until last night.

    I don’t know what to do in situations like this. I was raised by a very strong woman who, if I didn’t learn anything, taught me that men NEVER hit women. If I am EVER in a situation where I think it might happen, I get the hell out, never turn back and then go tell my big brothers and they will kick the living shit out of that jerk.

    You don’t mess with a Seguin. Period. Try it and you walk away with a bloody stump where you’re head use to be.

    I never understood how women could stay in a situation like that, and then make excuses. I don’t know what to say to her. I thought she was so strong by moving away. I thought she was like me when it came to situations like this.

    I’m not going to say anything. She’s probably already heard it a million times already from her family and other friends.

    I do feel the need to kick her ass though. Slap her up side her head and say, “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING TAKING THAT DUMB FUCK BACK?”. I won’t though. I’ll get there tonight and see her, hug her and probably cry like a baby because someone had the nerve to hurt her.

    It’s going to come up sooner or later though. We will be talking about it, and i’m going to be clueless.

    Anyone? been there done that? advice? What are the right things to say?

    One last thing before I drag my ass out of these cozy comfies and head out to see her:
    Hey mom, I love you. THANK YOU so much for raising me to know how a man should treat a woman. For teaching me that it’s NEVER right to put up with it. Thank you for making the very strong woman that I am. Thank you for giving me a sister that has ALWAYS had my back and is stronger than all of us put together. Thank you for giving me 3 brothers and teaching them how to treat a woman right and the strength to kick the living shit out of anyone who dare hurt a woman.

    Best of Everything,