• Random and Odd


    After a long email to my employees about how much work we had to do on Monday I lightened up a bit and said, “Don’t forget that this weekend only is the Sportsman’s Expo at CalExpo, from Friday to Sunday you can experience fly fishing, elk calling, and the latest in all hunting and fishing apparel.”
    If you knew my employees you would be laughing. These are not the type of people you would find at anything involving outdoors. I’m surprised they make it from the car to the building without exploding.

    I found out that my friend’s husband was going to the Sportsman’s expo and I told him to pick me up some pamphlets and if he found a cheap one, an elk caller…because THAT would be a cool thing to own and bring to work to freak out my employees.

    “Hey [name removed per request] , ask [name removed per request] if he got my Elk caller.”
    “Uh, [name removed per request] ? Kristine wants to know if you got her an Elk Collar?”
    “No, I couldn’t find one.”
    “he said no….why do you want an elk collar?”

    I know at this point that she has a mental picture going in her head. Shea and Alyx trying to walk an elk down the street. An elk grazing in my backyard. An elk curled up on the couch with Mooshu Mooshu Monkey Dog.

    When I stopped laughing, I set her straight…because i’m nice like that.