• Random and Odd,  Shaun


    I can’t blog right now, i’m in trouble.

    I KNEW I had a kiddy birthday today. I knew I had to make sure all five kids were ready. Did it stop me from going to bingo and then the casino and mocking my adult responsibilities by drinking a venti coffee at 3 am while I drop quarters into a slot machine?

    Did I get the evil eye when I waddled, shuffled and staggered into the living room at 9am to raise my eyebrow and shake my head slowly letting everyone know in the living room of my displeasure that SOMEONE had the tv up too loud and I was NOT in the mood to hear, “Old Time Rock and Roll.” Yes. I got the evil eye. The eye of frustration that I was letting my Will be known, and loud tv was NOT on the list for this Saturday morning.

    I crawled back into bed bitching in my head about the loud tv and how DARE he give me the evil eye for being tired…I slept until 1 pm. Yes, you heard me. ONE PM. And then to top off my total obnoxiousness I told my ex husband to bring me a coffee. I didn’t ask. I told him. AND HE DID IT. My Will is strong when I am tired.

    Now I am in trouble. I am in trouble for staying out late and sleeping all day. I am in trouble because all 5 kids are still running around NOT ready to go, and I am on the computer BLOGGING because my sister commented that I must change my blog. I am in trouble because I dared to walk into the living room wearing red sweats, white t-shirt and yellow sweatshirt and was offended when he called me, “Katsup, Mayo and Mustard.”
    Did I mention I lack a sense of humor when I am tired?

    I’ll post some pictures later and write something funny, witty and entertaining later….after the coffee kicks in and I can see the monitor.