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    random and odd


    I’ve been blog hopping again.
    I am finding a reoccurring theme.
    Babies. Lots and lots and lots of blogging about new babies.
    As you can see all my babies are past those stages…except Shea the six year old drama queen.

    Kara was my first and Shea acts JUST like she did when Kara was six. When Kara was that young she was my only child and any ‘phase’ she went through I was highly aware of it. Shea is slipping through the cracks when it comes to making sure that type of behavior is nipped in the bud. Tonight she got the blunt end of the mommy stick. I’m pretty sure she is packing up her Polly pockets and putting on her ‘lucky’ coat and planning on running away to her favorite aunt Kathy’s house.

    Tonight got me to thinking about all the things I DON’T miss about the girls being little, starting from the beginning.

    1. having sex with my ex husband.
    2. peeing on that stick and getting that ‘Oh fuck, you’re pregnant AGAIN’ feeling in my stomach.
    3. throwing up plums.
    4. eating everything that can be opened in 3 seconds or faster.
    5. those farts that burn the hair in your nose.
    6. throwing up everything you ate that only took 15 seconds eat.
    7. not being able to be comfortable. EVER.
    8. wearing the same clothes every single day because nothing else fits.
    9. the pictures that people take of you as you’re shoveling food in your mouth.
    10. labor.
    11. my boobs. HUGE and then FLABBY.
    12. car seats. I don’t miss car seats AT ALL.
    13. the screaming for no reason.
    14. waking up to find a 2 year old in bed with you and her diaper leaked.
    15. diapers.
    16. strollers.
    17. trying to understand Greek, because that is the language they decide to learn first.
    18. Barney and Teletubbies.
    19 trying to get shoes on those kids. “MY SOCKS ARE HURTING MY FEET!” (okay, they still do this)
    20. accidentally washing a diaper or pull up.

    Did I forget to mention having sex with my ex-husband? yeah, that’s right it made the top of the list.

    I haven’t read a ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ blog where I said, “Now that’s a new one to me.” I’ve been through it all.

    Shit, I gotta go, Shea is calling a cab and asking for Auntie Kathy’s phone number.