• Random and Odd,  Shaun

    Such Randomness

    Such Randomness

    And you’re asking yourself, “Who’s the lady with the parakeet and tv dinner?”

    You ever have one of those Random and Odd moments where you see something and HAVE to have it because it’s just that weird? (This would explain every boyfriend I have EVER had and most of my wardrobe)

    Well, this old lady was one of those moments.

    She’s also the reason Shaun and I got back together after the unfortunate “Valentine’s Day DareDevil Opening Night Fiasco”. I have forgotten to mention that story. I tried blocking that memory, along with every movie that Ben Afleck has done since Bounce.

    I’ll make it short. Shaun and I were dating. It was Valentine’s Day. I took him to see DareDevil. He broke up with me the next day.
    I blame the 8 months were apart on Ben Aflecks HORRIBLE acting. It took EIGHT months for Shaun to finally come back around and be able to talk about that movie without his eye starting to twitch. I had to relive the trauma after it was released on DVD. I’m not sure I have forgiven Ben for this yet. I have forgiven Jennifer Garner though because she’s just smokin’ hot and adorable as hell.

    Back to the lady and the bird.

    I have special rights to be able to mention my family, my kids, and teenagers that tormented me when I was younger, but ex-boyfriends, bosses and co-workers -I will leave out my blog. “Utah” is the boyfriend I dated after Shaun tore out my heart and stomped that sucker flat the VERY day after VALENTINE’S DAY.
    I chose this name because this is where I told the girls he moved when I broke up with him. He moved to Utah. I had other boyfriends that after breaking up with them and the girls asked where he went I said, “Texas.” or “Canada” and “Hawaii”, but the boyfriend I call Utah was sent there because it’s not a good state for him to live in seeing that he was more interested in drinking, smoking, and partying than trying to make our relationship work.
    And yes I am aware that my children are going to think that I run every man out of the state of California after dating them for a month. No comments from the peanut gallery.

    I got sidetracked there. The old lady and the bird. Well, Utah decided to be a big ol’ dumbass and get mad at me, where I pulled a total 1950’s move and threw a drink in face and stormed out of the Tree. We broke up. Shit this story is going on too long.

    LONG STORY SHORT: It was football season and I needed someone that shared my passion for football and Shaun and I started talking again after I nailed myself in the head with a pick trying to make a drainage ditch in the backyard. I signed up for fantasy football, he signed up for 5 kids and one fucking crazy woman. It all came together at the antique store when going through these old pictures he finds a polaroid of a old woman, a parakeet and tv dinner and KNOWS that I will love it so much that he brings it over to me with more excitement than if he were bringing me a hundred dollar bill he found.

    We stole the picture. I framed it and it is on our bookshelf in the living room.

    She doesn’t have a name, a story…or a birdcage.

    But she has a home & she shares ‘our’ story.

    [sidenote #1 – CM is a banana nut bread tease]
    [sidenote #2 – Shaun is thinking about getting a blog and naming it, “COUNTERBLOG” because he says that he needs it so people can get the real story and stop sending him hate mail.]
    [sidenote #3 – for all 6 of you that come and actually read this, you wouldn’t actually want the REAL story of what happens in this house now would you? Who wants to hear me bitch about anxiety attacks, dirty dishes, evil ex’s, and teeth falling out of my children’s head? Oh wait, I do blog about that.]