• Random and Odd

    Thank You Internet

    I am blown away by the responses I got for “A Letter To Julia”.

    An outpouring of love and well wishes by just the mention of a little girl who’s first day of being 13. The same girl who is being treated horribly by some cruel girls. The same girl who has a heart of gold. You guys stepped up and not only wished her well, a happy birthday and things will get better, you told stories of when you were 13 and how awkward it was.
    We all have our ‘mean girl’ stories and I think that is what made us all feel for Julia.

    [sidenote] Mean Girls from my past: if you’re reading this: HA! IN YOUR FACE! I turned out to be a pretty damn good woman! I might not have been the head cheerleader or been a part of the ‘cool crowd’, but I have friends you WILL NEVER HAVE. I may not have had all the popular jeans, watches and shoes and you may have made fun of me because I was poor, but look at me now.
    And I had better hair than you. It was bigger and had WAY more feather than yours.

    My sister was inspired by a comment that KC made for Julia and even wrote her own 13 year old horror story . It’s sometimes weird to think back 30 years and STILL remember the name of the kid that picked on you when you were that young.

    I wanted to thank Heather for being the person she is that inspires people like you to go to her web page and read her stories and be a part of her online community. You are all fantastic people with huge hearts and I am SO glad I have become a part of your little online world.

    I will give you a ‘Julia Update’ as soon as I hear how she is doing. I have forwarded her all the emails that I have gotten and the address to this blog. Thank you, each one of you, for wishing her a happy birthday and letting her know that it’s going to be okay.

    I wish there was something I could do for you all in return.

    I think I have some McDonald bucks I could share.