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    A letter to Julia,

    A letter to Julia,

    Happy birthday little one. You’re 13 years old. I have known your mother since you were 6 years old, yet I have never met you. The picture above is in fact the only time I have with your mother. It was a weekend a million years ago where we all got together at my apartment and hung out. It was her bachlorette slash birthday party.

    Some people when I tell them that I met some of my bestest friends through the computer, they look at me funny. They think I’m a loser who can’t make friends in ‘the real world’. Well, for those people, all I have to say is, “You never met Laura.”
    I tried to explain to them who my friend Laura was. Somehow if you don’t know who Laura is, you just don’t get it.

    Your mother changed my life by just being here. She is understanding, smart, funny, loving, headstrong, a big ol’ brat, and she is one of my bestest friends.

    Julia, someday you are going to meet someone, and you’re going to become friends with this person and you are going to change her life forever because you are who you are and have been through the things that you have been through.
    You are going to be understanding to feelings, hurt, loyalty and friendship. You are going to make someone so very happy just being their friend.

    I don’t think your mom will ever know how she has effected my life. She is open and talks about her happiness and her sorrows. She touches the lives of everyone she comes in contact with. You’re going to be the same way. You are going to make the difference in many people lives.

    I am blessed to have your mother. Someone will be saying the same thing about you. I promise.

    Happy Birthday Princess. I hope to be able to meet you in March.