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    The only proof I was in Canada

    The only proof I was in Canada

    “What do you want to do while you’re in Seattle?” She asked me.
    “I would like to see the space needle.”
    “Okay, it’s about 30 minutes in traffic. Go pack your stuff and put it in the car. I’ll get a bag together.”

    You don’t question Mary. She’s like that episode of FRIENDS where they talk about their friend that every they go out they pack bug spray, extra pair of socks, passport….
    Everytime you leave the house, even if it’s to just go to the space needle for the day, you must remember to have an extra pair of underwear, about 300 bucks, and some hairspray.

    After 4 attempts at leaving the house, we finally left. luggage,cell phones, digital cameras, regular camera, wine coolers, smoke(s), Mary’s i-just-had-a-hysterectomy-and-have-to-take-a-million-pills-or-i-am-a-raging-bitch-with-hot-flashes medication, credit cards, Indian casino frequent player cards, AC/DC cd….did I mention she’s a Mormon? well I think she took a mini vacation the week I was in Seattle. I swear, I’m not a bad influence, she just needed a reason.

    “Look it’s coming up on your left.” I look for the one thing that people would ask if I had seen everytime I got home from Seattle.
    “The space needle?”
    “Yeah, to your left….riiiiiiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiii-iiiiiiiiiight THERE!”
    There it was, The fucking space needle. I was going to finally get to go up there.
    “Did you see it?” she asked.
    “Yeah, it’s right there!” I got out, ‘yeah’ when I felt the car jerk to the right as we took the off ramp…..TO CANADA!
    “I thought we were going to see the space needle.”
    “Did you see the space needle? – Yeah – Okay, you saw it, now I’m taking you to Canada.”

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

    DISCLAIMER: in the sentences following will include illegal things and character destroying information. Keep reading, this is where the story gets good.

    We cracked open everything. The wine coolers, the cigs, the smoke and some medication Mary thought would make a good combination with the 8 wine coolers we would put down on the way to the Canadian border.
    We blared the music and had what I could call, “The Best Road Trip EVER”

    [Closet Metro…you’re a weenie for sending me that picture, but I still love you.]

    We didn’t have a hotel on Memorial Day weekend in Vancouver Canada. We drove around to ALL the hotels. ALL BOOKED. We could theoretically sleep in her car, but our hair was too big to house both of us. Mary offered sexual favors to the guy at the holiday inn if he would give us a room. It worked and we got a suite.

    Now from about here on, things are fuzzy. I’m guessing the smoke, wine, medication and exhaustion had finally kicked in.

    After dancing at 5 different clubs we ended up at this really cool bar that had a swanky restaurant with short tables and chairs. It was one of those dark, classy bars that don’t cater to the rowdy crowd. I knew I was getting old because when we walked in there and it was quiet and dark I felt like saying, “Oh thank GOD, no loud music and young kids!”, totally forgetting I was just a part of that ‘rowdy crowd’ that was dancing wildly with young men and laughing as loud as the music and singing, “I will survive” at the top of my lungs.

    This is the bar I tried Absenthe at. That story is tomorrow…and the picture.

    And for the record, yes…there is something about Mary. She’s crazy, but I’m glad I packed my bag and grabbed my camera. :)