• shea

    Shea Said:

    “Mommy, guess what? [she doesn’t wait for me to guess anymore because I was so obnoxious by ‘guessing’ a million different things, thinking it would make her laugh, but just annoyed her…not enough to get her to stop saying, ‘guess what’ though]”
    “uh…[trying to think of a new one I haven’t used] uh…”
    “We got a new girl in our class!”
    “You di…” she cuts me off here.
    “Shhh, yes, we did! When the teacher said what her name was, I knew she was going to be my new bestfriend!” She’s so dramatic anyway, but this was serious.
    “Guess what her name is!”
    [side note, Shea sounds like she is from Brooklyn so if you’re reading this, do it in a Boston or Brooklyn accent. “Her” sounds like she is saying, “Whore”.
    Now, I kinda know where this is going. She can sing every word to “Baby Got Back” and has been able to do this since she was 5. Remember the accent? It makes the song even funnier. I know she’s going to say, “OH MY GOD BECKY!” to this poor girl a million times before they move into second grade and the little girl is probably going to kill Shea before they get to summer break.
    Shea looks at me and says, “Mommy, if she ever goes away and then comes back…I will be able to say, “OH MY GOD BECKY, YOU GOT BACK!”

    It dawns on me at this moment. The whole time Shea has been singing this song to us she hasn’t figured out that ‘having back’ means having a ‘big butt’
    To my sweet six year old daughter it means exactly what she is saying, “Baby got back.”
    The baby went somewhere, and when it came home…it got back.

    My sweet girl.