• The Fonz

    The Farkle Family…

    Did I mention my mom has the craziest sense of humor?
    She does.
    This was the year she went into the joke store and bought a pair of Billy Bob teeth for everyone in the family.She called me one day laughing so hard I couldn’t understand what she was saying. When my mom is laughing that hard, you have to laugh with her.

    She said, “I bought these teeth and me and Kathy drove around all day and I smiled at people and freaked them out!”

    Keep in mind, I still have NO idea what she’s talking about because she’s laughing so hard and the Billy Bob teeth had not become popular yet.

    I convince her to take a picture and send it to me.
    This is what I get in my email box:

    Dear god, my mother!

    THIS IS FUNNY SHIT. My mom drove around town all day, smiling at people with those teeth in and those glasses!! After I could finally understand what she was saying through the giggling, she said her favorite part was pulling up in the drive thru and ordering a soda.

    She said she bought me and my ex a pair and she was going to send them. She wanted me to take a picture.
    Not to be out done by my sister (see beautiful picture below)

    OH god, she's something ugly!!

    I decided to really out-do her. Yes, this picture will frighten you…because I AM TOO SEXY FOR MYSELF!

    Sexy shoes too

    Halloween ROCKED this year! check out the socks and flip flops. I am straight trailer trash.
    I was getting back to my roots.

    My auntie and uncle are what you would say…’stuffy’ so when I got this picture from my mom a week later I peed on myself.


    I don’t know what she paid them to agree to this picture. I’m pretty damn certain they never would have guessed I would be posting it for the world to see…but, hey, I need the ratings.

    My dad is a funny guy, he would do something like this. BUT WITHOUT A SHIRT ON?

    My Dad the Farkle!!

    Dan and I were married when the “Farkle Family” pictures were taken. He went into work at AT&T Wireless (He was a cellular tech. manager at the time) and he almost got kicked out of the building because NO ONE knew who he was!

    I'm TOO sexy

    Not to leave anyone out from the first round (and I say this, because my mom managed to get EVERYONE in the family to pose with some jacked up grill and coke bottle glasses) we even have Shea who was a baby at the time.

    The baby even had to have some!!

    If your asking yourself, “Who are the Farkles?”
    We are, you are…anyone who takes a really bad picture where they look REALLY stupid…that’s what we call the Farkles. Don’t ask me where it came from…Probably my weird ass mom.

    Anyway, just in case anyone was thinking I was just one hot momma, here’s a picture for the road to remind you..that with just a little of make up and time spent in front of the mirror…you too could look this…Fuck*ed up.

    Farkle Family -Kristine

    Damn, i’m hot. LOL.

    *note the word ‘fuck’ was used in this post. I am trying to be more like mrs. britches