• alyx

    Alyx as a Baby

    Today, this baby girl turns EIGHT.

    I swear, and I mean this like no other parent has EVER meant this, SHE WAS JUST A BABY!

    I’m not going to go into the whole sappy story of how she was born, even though it’s a really good story, because it’s about the cutest baby girl in the whole world. Oh shut up…today she gets to be the cutest baby girl in the whole world. Tomorrow, your kid can go back to being the cutest.

    My little girls feet

    Look at these little feet! I took this picture when she was two. I thought, I better get some pictures of these itty bitty feet. I don’t think they have gotten any bigger!!

    She's One

    Alyx is an angel. There is no other way to describe her personality.
    When she was 2 she would come up to me and say,
    “It’s my bed time. Good night.” and she would be in her jammies. She would climb into bed and go to sleep. I love this baby girl SO much.

    She's 2

    Her personality has changed over the years. She was always shy and quiet. Now she is past being that shy little girl and is just reserved.
    When you first meet her you think she is a quiet girl. Once she is comfortable with you…you can’t shut her up. My sister named her, “Lady Chatalot”

    Two Monkeys on the bed

    She has always been a happy little girl. When she laughs, It breaks my heart because I know she won’t always have that little girl giggle.

    She hated this costume!

    She has an opinion and she is not afraid to tell you what it is. She hated this costume.
    ALL of her Halloween pictures look JUST like this one.
    “Mom, I hate you. Take this stupid costume OFF OF ME NOW!”

    She broke her arm

    She broke her arm last summer. She was brave. I wasn’t.
    My baby was broken.
    Mike Bibby is her favorite Sacramento Kings basketball player, so during the (It’s always so hard to talk about the broken arm because I get all weirded out) whole ‘rebreaking and setting’ of her arm the doctor asked her questions about who her favorite player was….blah blah blah…all the while he is REBREAKING HER ARM to set into place.
    He said most kids have to be put out for that to happen. Not myAlyx…she had a choice to have it reset or to just cast it up as is…she wanted it to be ‘normal’ again. She chose to have her arm rebroken.


    She turns eight today. I can’t believe it…she was just a little baby.

    Happy Birthday baby girl!