• Random and Odd

    Back to Work

    I’m back to work Thursday.

    1. No more dooce-commenting all day
    2. I have to find matching socks.
    3. oh god, I have to get up at 5 am to get ready.
    4. *sigh* No blog hopping to Fish, Sarcastic Journalist, Metro, Girl A, Crazy-us, Scott, Julie…and the DEAR GOD I read a lot of blogs ALL DAY LONG!
    5. Withdrawls…i’m going to go through withdrawls!You suckers better email me ALL DAY LONG! oh wait…OH NO! I won’t be able to check my email every ten minutes!

    Oh please…just kill me now.

    P.S. I drive a Dodge Neon & Toyota Camry, not a Jeep. Come on…did you see the town I live in?
    I would get kicked out if I dare to drive a FUN car!

  • Random and Odd

    I learned something today

    I HAD to get out today. I needed to bring the neighbor boy to school because the mom couldn’t.
    I learned stuff today.
    • skipping is the only way you can get out of the ‘no running’ rule on the playground. It’s okay if you look like an idiot skipping across the playground and going JUST as fast as you would if you were running, just as long as you’re NOT running.

    I got dressed today. YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME? okay, I wouldn’t either, that is why I took pictures!

    Yes, I even put on jeans. Yes, I have proof. I also have proof that I own a pair of shoes THAT MATCH (unlike my socks)

    • [sidenote]I shouldn’t wear my Ethies sweatshirt into the high school. I freaked the shit out of some high school boys today when I went to bring Tyler some money.
      “Dude, did you see that chick wearing an Ethies sweatshirt?”
      “Yeah…like when did it cool for old chicks to wear Ethies?”

    After I dropped of the neighbor boy, I found Marina and Kara roaming around school.

    “Hi Kristine.”
    “Hey!!” I start walking up to Marina
    “What are you doing here? Are you getting us out of class?” she says very hopeful.
    “Nope, just dropping off Preston. Where’s Kara?”
    “Uh…..she wasn’t in class, she left for a few minutes. Probably going to the bathroom too.” She holds up the ‘pottypass’.
    I see Kara cruising across the school towards us. We make our way to the bathroom.
    “Kristine, can you bring us lunch?” Marina asks.
    “Yeah, what time is your lunch?”

    This is where I realize that in 6th grade you don’t know what time it is…everything is equated to what period they are in.

    “After social studies.” she says.
    “When is social studies?” I ask.
    She looks at me like i’m stupid. “Right now.” She holds up the potty pass like I should understand what that means.
    Kara clues me in, “Why do you think we’re in the bathroom?”

    Yeah. I had forgotten how many trips I made to the bathroom in 6th grade during social studies.

    I agreed to bring them lunch, but I had to go to the bank first and pick up a computer that needs to be fixed.

    I get to the bank and I see the funniest sign on the door. I didn’t take a picture, because I was laughing too hard.

    “Our tellers do not have access to cash.”

    I am SO using the wrong the bank. What is the purpose for the teller again? oh yeah, TO GIVE YOU CASH!
    I was still giggling when I got to the teller.
    “Can I help you?” She asks.
    “Not according to the sign on the door.” I say.
    “I know. You don’t know how many times a day I hear that.”

    Apparently I am not the only person in my town that sensed the ironic humor of that sign. Hmmm, I don’t give the people in this town enough credit.

    Speaking of ‘this town’.

    I was actually walking around the school today thinking about how much shit I talk about this yuppie ass town I live in, but push coming to shove (yes, I speak in the present) I really do love this town. I don’t want to move. I love the school and that everyone here loves my girls and I can’t even go into a local store without someone saying, “Oh god, your girls are so sweet!” or go into the school without everyone knowing who the ‘Stone Girls’ are. The lady that takes the lunch money grinned so hard I thought she was going to hurt herself when I brought in lunch for the girls and paid up their account.
    “I just LOVE your little girls! Little Alyx just makes my day, every single day! Her smile is what makes me come into work!”
    Now that is some serious love. I don’t want to move. EVER.

    I’m home now. I’m in my cozy comfies. All is right in the world again.