and I have the coolest sister too.

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    Congrats Anthony!! SPF INSPIRED

    Anthony won on Shear Genius (Bravo) tonight.

    Kathy, Mom and I met him about 7 or 8 years ago in Reno at a hair show. He was a ‘Platform’ artist that was put on by Nova haircare.

    We sat in the front row and we were drawn to him. After the show Kathy and I went and talked to him and he was theeeeeeee nicest guy you would ever know. We had so much in that time talking to him that we told Mom to take a picture with him. I think he tried to get us all to go out and party, but we didn’t. Kathy was wuss. ;)

    It’s weird when you see someone you know on a reality show.


    No cheating by cleaning it out and making it pretty!

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    this post sucks, don’t read it.

    Remember the Newlywed game? I always use to dream about being on that show. No really, it wasn’t that I WANTED to go on the show, I just would DREAM about being ON the show. Got it? Okay, good because this is going to be the choppiest segue in Random and Odd history.

    When Dan and I were married I would wake up in the morning and say the EXACT SAME phrase. It got to the point to where it was even annoying hearing myself say it. I would think after all those years he had to wake up to me repeating the same thing I said the morning before, he probably tuned me out after the first year. In a special place in my heart, I would like to think that he actually remembered all of what I said and put it in a special file cabinet in his stupid, little brain and later I can ask him to download all the things I told him the morning so I can write a book.

    So what did I say over and over, every. single. morning?

    Is the suspense killing you? It is…I’ll just tell you without all the dramatic build up. Here ya go. Ready for it?

    I would say, EVERY morning;

    “Whoa. I just had theeeeee weirdest dream.”

    Every morning that poor man would have to sit through me rambling on and on about strange animals, houses with rooms with nothing but showers and detachable penises.

    Since Shaun has decided to spend the rest of his life with me, the baton has been passed to him and he has to hear me ramble on and on about the strangest dreams.

    Last night I was up late with an exploding ovary and I had to take pain killers. My anti-anxiety pills, Xanax and pain killers makes for a wonderful cocktail of psychedelic dreams.
    When I woke up this morning I couldn’t call anyone and tell them about the newest dream I had. I’ve been trying to process it for the last few hours and the first hour without coffee. Scary

    The dream gave me such horrible guilt. I had a dream that I was cheating on Shaun. When he called me on it, I was so cold about it. Like, ‘whatever’. I had no feeling what-so-ever. This dream also involved watching a car accident, being bitten by a rat, driving a clown car as a ‘get away car’.

    My sister just called to tell me about HER weird dream. Her dream involved a family friend having man on man with Will Farrell. Her dream is WAY weirder than mine.
    Somehow this post just lost all the gust I had intended it to have. *sigh*

    I don’t know how to end this post.

    *squeaking clown nose*

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    Thanks for all the emails and kind comments from this morning’s anxiety post. I lasted about two more hours and then I broke down in hysterical tears that woke Shaun up enough where he said he wasn’t going to hear anymore of the ‘i’m fine’. He got up and had to get me water because I was crying and unable to breath all together.

    It was around 5 am that the sobbing finally slowed down and I had heard, “nothing bad is going to happen.” about 67 times and the double dose of Xanax kicked in.
    I tried to explain to him, “It’s like someone very close to me just tragicly died.” is the only way to explain the pain I was in.

    The perfect seque:

    I had my bridal shower on Saturday. It went well. I’m the proud owner a waffle iron and many large towels. My future mother-in-law and my own mother looked like they had lots of fun picking out new stuff for me. I am very lucky to have the friends and family that I do. I’m grateful for all of them.
    I’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned it before that I’m not too good with crowds or parties that would put me right smack in the middle of attention. Between my friends and family when we are together we share the spotlight and there is no pressure to entertain. When the thought of a bridal shower came up I thought, ‘mmmm, cake’ and hadn’t really thought the whole thing through.
    “You have to register SOMEWHERE Kristine!” My friend, ‘Cita and my beautiful friend, Lisa insisted. They are smarter than I am when it comes to stuff like this so they drug me to Bed, Bath and Beyond and handed me a gun. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the one I could shoot myself in the head with. I had to be bribed with a Latte if I was a good girl and could decide on some stuff.
    I kept asking, “Is this good? Can I ask for this?”
    They kept looking at me as if I were nuts, “I don’t think people will think you’re too weird for asking for towels.”

    The day before the shower the panic attacks started. There was some things that had popped up that I tried to just ignore and pretend like they weren’t that big of a deal, but as it got closer I realized I was going to have to deal with some of it.
    By Saturday morning I was begging Shaun to find a way out of it because I was I was going to die if I had to go to my own shower and be the center of all that attention.
    My mom said I only had to go for an hour. She lies, but it was good enough to get me in the car.
    Shaun had gone over earlier in the day to help ‘Cita decorate and showed up before we left. “You’ll do fine. We’ll get you drunk when you get home okay?”

    My friend, ‘Cita was all stressed out and in order to try to calm her nerves, I tried to pull it together long enough to help her stress level to come down.
    Why do bridal or baby showers have to be so stressful for everyone involved?

    I heard things like, “What do your flowers look like?” “What kind of cake are you having?” “Who’s doing the food?”
    I just shrugged, because even though the wedding is July 8th…I haven’t gotten those things figured out. Shut up, I know…I get married in 32 days and these things should have been taken care of.
    Someone said to me, “Just get what you need, one thing at a time.” and that is what I have been doing.
    It came down to flowers or Tyler’s yearbook.
    Tyler got his yearbook.
    The flowers will have to come later.

    After it was over I got to spend some time with my mom and sister. Yes, true to Shaun’s promise he got me drunk.
    I got to dance with my mom and sister, laugh and giggle.

    They have all the pictures because I didn’t even pick up the camera ALL weekend. You’re going to have to beg my sister for the picture of me looking like a goober all souped up on Captain Morgan.
    If you beg in her comment section, she’s likely to post the picture of Shaun’s big ol’ noggin too.

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    Seven lonely days and a dozen towns ago…

    Guess what time of the year it is? Yes, it’s my sister’s birthday.

    Last year I took a few days and a few pads of paper to come up with the perfect letter to my sister and there is NO way I could ever top it. Trust me, I reread it and I cried as hard as I did when I was typing it a year ago.

    What I did find was the fantastic comments left by my readers…the same readers that you still see here today. The readers that stuck with me through just about everything.
    The readers that not only welcomed me, but my Mom The Fonz and my sister. The same readers that I find on other blogs leaving the heartfelt comments, funny comments or a comment that just say, ‘me too’.

    I know I go on and on about how lucky I am to have the readers/comments that I do. Today I read someone’s blog that had a person that left a comment that just sucked. It was mean, hurtful and wrong and it is a reminder of how lucky I am to have such a kick ass support system. You know me for the person you read me as. You over look my typos (except Nilbo ;) You give me another way to look at a situation. You let me believe that I’m right when you know i’m not. You send me private emails and tell me to pull my head out of my ass in the nicest way possible.

    In addition for all that you do for me, you do for others. You have left my sister comments when she needed a comment.
    You have been there to offer comfort to those that are hurting.

    YOU. You are awesome.

    *cough* as AWESOME as you all are, you have a SHORT attention span on Friday when you know you have to scroll through those links and look at other people’s ‘stuff’…so that is why I am asking you today, Stuff Portrait Eve, to go wish my beautiful, wonderful, understanding sister a Happy Birthday.
    I love you, Kathy!

    *sidenote: Kara’s doctor rescheduled her appointment. Angel Hickey will be removed on Thursday.

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    Look! Look!! LOOK!!

    I have bangs again!

    My hair has been bugging me for MONTHS AND MONTHS. I thought I would try out the whole, ‘no bangs’ thing. I grew them out and I realized I have the biggest forehead in the state of California. I also realized that I will never have cooperative hair that will frame my face. No sir. I will have the hair that falls RIGHT into my eyes no matter what the length it is.

    Kathy came down this weekend and kicked ass with the coloring of my hair. You all wish you had a hairstylist like my sister. She could be Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser. Anyway, she colored it and it’s beautiful…BEAUTIFUL…work of art. She trimmed it up a bit. I HATED IT. It wasn’t her haircutting I didn’t like (because she could be Jennifer Aniston’s hairdresser) it was the damn, ‘no bangs’. That stuff is HARD to master.

    “I want mom’s bangs.” I told her.
    “Kris, mom’s hair is totally different than yours.”
    My back stiffened and my lower lip started to quiver.
    “You want bangs, I’ll give you bangs.”

    And she did!! They are perfect!

    Getting ready to go to the gym this morning, I checked them out the mirror. I had this strange urge to sing.

    “Shot through the heart…and you’re to BLAME!! you GIvvvveee luuuuuuuuv, a bad name!”

    I look like Jon Bon Jovi.

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    It’s Sunday and I am getting in a car and heading to Chico to visit a friend from 8th grade.
    Pictures to follow.

    It’s also what I call ‘Susie Sunday’. You don’t have to do anything, you just go and read the little phrase, quote, scripture…over at Susies. I love Sundays because sometimes she mentions ‘hope’, but she also just makes you feel like you stopped by and had a cup of coffee.

    Today is an important day in my sister’s life.
    In the Seguin family, we have been through a lot. With 5 kids, i’m sure you could have enough stories about our childhood to make you cry, laugh and shake your head in disbelief for several years.
    We all have our stories of our childhood. The struggles we went through and how we walked out of those completely screwed up or the strongest person in the world.

    My sister fought for personal freedom. When you read her blog…it’s just the tippity top of the surface of who she really is. If you really knew her, you would love her more than you have loved anyone you have never met. She inspires you, she makes you laugh, she lifts you up and she will drop your ass if you get mean. She is the most real person I know, hands down, ever.

    She is also REALLY DAMN HOT for someone who’s almost FIFTY!

    *i love being the obnoxious little sister*

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    I used to hurry a lot, I used to worry a lot


    For those of you that thought for sure that I would bring a camera in and get some shots of the concert…you were wrong. I don’t break rules. ever. most of the time.
    Even if I did bring a camera in, I wouldn’t have remembered to take a picture because I was so into the concert.

    Our seats KICKED ASS. We were right of the stage, 8 rows up. I could have thrown my drink and hit the stage, but that would have been a waste of 10 bucks of Smirnoff Ice.

    When they came out and started singing I was grinning from ear to ear. I was at an Eagles concert! The second song was “One of these nights….” and I started crying. It wasn’t one of those weird crying things where women are pulling out their hair, tears streaming down their faces and screaming at the top of their lungs (Like the No Doubt concert I went to) but a gentle tear rolling down my face.
    “I wish my sister was here.”

    I had to call her. There was no way that I could sit through this concert and not share it with her. I wanted her there with me. It was because of her that I loved the Eagles so much.
    So Kathy and my mom sat on speaker phone while Shaun and I rocked out to the Eagles.

    You all went with me, as a matter of fact because I was trying to figure out how to blog this concert for you so you could experience it with me.

    Joe Walsh. Joe Fucking Walsh. This guy….is so bad ass. If your listening to him talk or just looking at him…you wonder if he knows how to tie his shoes. Put a guitar in his hands and let him sing and you are just blown away. The crowd went crazy when he sang, “Life’s Been Good” and I STILL have the guitar solo stuck in my head.

    The drums during “Hotel California” gave me the chills. Don Henley is the original BAD ASS MUTHA FUCKA. Singing and playing the drums better than when he was in his 20’s!

    When “Take It To The Limit” came on, I shared with Shaun the story of how my brothers lead me to believe that they they were singing, “Take it to the Lemon…one more Lime.” and now I can’t sing it right, even though I know that is not what they are saying. That song is nothing but citrus to me now.

    At the end of the concert, like 4 or 5 encores later they sang Desperado and I cried like a baby…

    Now it seems to me, some fine things
    Have been laid upon your table
    But you only want the ones that you can’t get

    Desperado, oh, you ain’t gettin’ no younger
    Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home
    And freedom, oh freedom well, that’s just some people talkin’
    Your prison is walking through this world all alone

    And then the best concert EVER.EVER.EVER…was over.

    Good thing I have free weekend minutes on my cell phone.

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    No Stop Signs, Speed Limits…

    Random and Odd’s Quick Fix to Depression:

    Step 1 – Rent a 2005 Mustang.
    Step 2– Drive 100 mph on 1-5 (for like 3 seconds, because i’m chicken)
    Step 3– Hang out with Mom and Sister for the night
    Step 4 – Lay in bed till noon watching “The History of the Bullet” on National Geographic.
    Step 5– Love mommy for giving me breakfast…er brunch in bed.
    Step 6-Getting the best hair dye in the world by the best sister in the world.
    Step 7– Watching a narcoleptic poodle on Inside Edition.
    Step 8– Xanax
    Step 9– More Xanax
    Step 10– Lauging at mom for crying about the poodle on Inside Edition

    I’m feeling better…but it might just be the Xanax or all the hair dye I inhaled while washing it out.