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    The Long Awaited Picture!

    As we were walking out the door for me to get Tyler to college I glanced back at him.
    Three guesses on what shirt he WAS wearing before I fell to the floor cracking up, the first two don’t count.

    He ran back to his room and changed his shirt out of the red one he wore the first day of his junior and senior year of high school into the classic black one he’s sporting in the picture.

    Funny thing is, it didn’t even phase him as we were walking out to the car and I insisted he stand there so I can get a picture.  The children have been properly trained.

    Later in the day my sister, Shaun and I went to see “The House Bunny”.  OMG. Hysterically funny. We all sort of thought it was going to be like “Legally Blonde”, but it wasn’t.  I laughed so hard and it was the type of funny that on the way home I was still cracking up.  Even Horror Movie Freak Shaun liked it.  It’s one of those, ‘see it twice’ funny movies.

    Maybe I was just due for a long, hard, belly hurting laugh.

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    Stuff Portrait Friday

    The Children are our Future

    Taking these pictures were hard on Shaun. Seeing him in a tux..and then when he put on his cap and gown…you could actually see his heart being ripped from his chest.

    This is our future.  Nooooot too shabby if I do say so myself.

    Did you play?

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    As if…

    Later the same night that I posted the last entry, Tyler comes bursting into my room and going straight for my clean towels.

    “Tyler! What are doing?”
    “I’m getting a towel.” He looks at me like he’s about to say, “Here’s your sign.”
    “WHY?” My voice has risen to the level that only dogs can hear.
    “Because the dog barfed on the floor.”

    Uh. Straight A student. Honor roll. Advanced classes. Complete idiot.

    “WHY ARE YOU USING MY CLEAN TOWELS TO CLEAN IT UP?”  I can’t even understand my own voice anymore.

    and then he does something that changes every fiber in my being.  HE looks at ME, like I am the stupidest person in the whole world. His eyebrows pinch together so tightly as if he is worried about my mental health because If I just asked that question, there must be something truly and deeply wrong all the way to my core.
    He shakes his head at me, throws up his arms and says SO matter of fact, “Because there are NO dirty towels to use.”

    Of course. Silly me. Use my clean towels to clean up dog barf.

    I was just going to use it to clean up after sex anyway.

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    Open Letter to the Boy,

    Do you remember 2 months ago when we all sat down and went over the ‘towel’ issue we were having? You know, the one where ALL the towels end up in your room, under all your stinky, teenage funk? Do you remember the solution we came up with? The one where we all get our own towels, we use that towel, we hang it up and after a couple of uses we then wash our own towels?

    I thought it was all going quite well until this morning when you snuck into my room and tried to take one of the towels that is MINE.  The one I used the night before, dried my body with, hung up on the rack and left to use again.

    So apparently the thought of using one of my used towels isn’t enough to get you to use and wash your own towels, I am going to throw this out there:
    All the towels in MY room, be they on the floor, hung up or even folded under my bathroom cabnet…all those towels…in MY room…have been used to clean up after hot, steamy love making between your father and I.
    Hopefully that mental image of all those towels you have been stealing from my room and wiping your clean body with will get you to think twice before you break the ‘towel rule’.

    And if that doesn’t work, from this point on, I am going to start sleeping in the nude with no covers, so when you sneak into my room in the morning to steal the towels, socks or whatever else your heart desires…You do NOT know what your innocent eyes will have to see.   I will not pay for the therapy you will need to erase those images.

    Alrighty then, have a good week Boy.


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    …and back at the house of Random and Odd

    “I think I need tighter pants.” – Tyler

    “Kristine! Did I leave my cape in there?” – Tyler

    “Kara, take off your shirt so Tyler can try it on.” – Kristine

    Yes, you’re right.
    Do you know how awkward it is to go buy your junior in high school a batman costume?

    Damn spirit days.

    Good thing the girls couldn’t find their spandex pants, because he would have TOTALLY worn them to further embarrass not himself…but the friends that hang out with him.

    Remind me to tell you about the time he wore my scuba suit and goggles to school.

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    Is he really that old now?

    Last weekend was Tyler’s homecoming dance at his school. Shaun and I were sort of out of town doing other stuff and didn’t get to take pictures. Since the dance was up here in Rocklin we had his mom come to our house for him to get ready and take pictures.

    Tyler and I went shopping at a few stores before I caved in and called Shaun.

    “Come and do this. I can’t do this. If he needed me to pick out earrings to match his dress…I would be your girl. He needs slacks!”

    Shaun then asked me to tell me what we had gotten so far. I told him this really cool black button up shirt and a tie.

    “What color is the shirt?” he asked.
    “So you got a lighter colored tie?” He sounded like he had such confidence in me.
    “um. No. It’s a really dark blue one.”
    “That would be great Kristine…if he were in the mob.”

    Shaun then showed up and within minutes had picked out a better shirt and a pair of slacks that really good on the boy.
    I wasn’t even invited to the shoe store to help pick out shoes to go with this ensemble. I would have probably picked out some great sling backs and a matching purse.

    We were excited to see the whole thing put together the night of the dance. With one of the other 13 cameras in the house fully charged we left knowing that we would come home to pictures that weren’t AS good as the ones we could take, but how bad could they be? I mean, really…she’s an adult. It’s a digital camera. You can’t mess things up THAT bad.

    The First Homecoming Dance...picture NOT taken by me!

    This is what we got.

    Luckily both Tyler and his girlfriend Nikki go to different schools and she had her homecoming dance this weekend.
    We didn’t get to miss the boy running around trying to figure out where everything was. I also didn’t miss this very awesome moment while Shaun was teaching his son how to tie a tie.

    man training

    I may have missed him teaching Tyler how to tie his shoes, but I get to witness the sweetness of moments like this.

    If you didn’t know me, you would think I was a complete idiot as I looked down at my camera and started talking to it, praising it for capturing that shot and promising to give him a nice cleaning and new UV filter and a better bag to protect it from the elements. If you know me, you know I talk to objects as if they understand what I am saying and know I’m not an idiot…just a weirdo.







    Yes, after I downloaded these…I kissed the camera.

    I might be an idiot.

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    OK, so the boy had a nice 15th birthday for the most part. The part about Jessica Alba jumping out of a cake didn’t exactly happen, but he FINALLY got his dog. After two excruciating days of waiting, the looped up dog (she was spayed this morning) got to come home tonight. After a couple hours at the park and watching the Diamond Kings get their asses kicked (Shaun was 2 for 2, obviously playing for next year’s big free agent contract), she got to check out her new home…..and Mooshu. Moosh was not too pleased about the new pooch, but I’m thinking they’ll be best buddies soon. Tyler’s been smiling all night, he’s loving this. Couldn’t happen to a better kid, really a loving, good-hearted boy who deserves at least this much. Happy birthday Tyler, and welcome to the home, Halo.

    PS- There’s no truth to the Entertainment Tonight segment that claims adding this dog to Random and Odd was done to increasing ratings ala cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch.