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    Happy Birthday, Shea!

    This was my baby girl, Shea before she was even a year old.  Today, she turns TEN. “When is your birthday again?” “MOM! it’s TOMORROW!” Today was spent driving around like a mad woman getting balloons, cake and bike. Another birthday disaster narrowly avoided. Happy Tenth birthday, to the little girl in that picture, how I will ALWAYS see you!

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    Pen Pal…

    Recently Alyx hooked herself up with a nifty, little pen pal and has been over the top with writing and buying stuff for her letters. Shea is butthurt that she doesn’t have a pen pal. Anyone have a little girl that wants to send letters and girlie stuff back and forth?

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    I don’t want them to ever grow up!

    Still being in my ‘funky disco’ groove from the concert, I was blaring “She’s A Bad Mama Jama“ on the way over to drop the girls off at Dan’s for Karate. Shea and Alyx both know the song and they are grooving right along with me, singing just as loud as I am. I’m reminded of the laugh that my sister got when I confessed to her that I never really knew what the singer was saying in this certain part of the song. SIDENOTE: To fully be able to appreciate this part of the story you will have to know this song. If you’ve never heard this song, the…

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    How To:

    How to get me to stop yard work in a super second: Add one VERY large black widow under the dog bowl. “Why did you take pictures of it instead of killing it?” he asks. “Oh, I did…well, your dad did…I just took pictures of it first.” I answer. Did you know that a puddle of bleach will not kill a black widow? I size 9 shoe will. ** Update ** Shea came into my room and said she was fweaking out about spidows. She saw me uploading the picture earlier and now all she can think about is spiders. She even informed me that one crawled on her in…

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    9 years marks 8 years of change.

    Tomorrow my youngest, my baby, my wee-widdle one will turn 9 years old. I was laying here reading my children’s emails and figuring out which porn sites they had tried to visit without me knowing about it when the day hit me. “Shaun. Tomorrow is Shea’s birthday.” “Yeah. Anything planned?” “Nope.” Yes, we are the worst parents ever. Shea’s birthday is in the month personally known as ‘the month that kristine lost her damn mind’. It’s been 8 years that my world turned upside down and everything I know about myself was put to the test and I failed miserably. May is always a hard month for me since. I…

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    To cry or sob with soft intermittent sounds

    The overwhelming support of Halo the dumb adorable dog was staggering. For the record; watermelon flavored dum-dums are the best. Today I was on the computer in the kitchen watching some stuff on Ebay when I noticed that my ‘bookmark’ tab that runs along the top of the web browser said: WOM, which stands for Wave of Modulation. I made her website a tab that I would go to often because I didn’t want to miss any new pictures she posted. I had 2 hours before the item I am watching is up so I decided to check some blogs. I have 2 types of crying. I have the type…

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    I need some post – it notes….

    “Mom, can I have this?” Shea holds up a small green bear in a small half box type of thing. “What is it?” I looked, but didn’t really see what she was showing. I was watching JOEY. No one told me that show was funny. Or maybe I was just medicated. “It’s a gween bewr.” Her Boston accent is still as thick as it was when she was 5. “A green bear?” “Yeah. It says..aaaauuugggust. What does that mean?” “Dunno.” Mild laughing at Joey being a total nerd. OH LOOK IT’S ANDRIANNA FROM SOPRANOS! “So can I have it?” She asks again. “Uh. yeah.” I turn up the volume as…

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    The Super Glue Story

    It’s amazing that Shea is still alive. I was living in my apartment and had the girls only half the time. I was battling with an unnamed depression and a feeling of doom. Later I find out that it was postpartum depression and anxiety attacks. This is why I am amazed that child is still around after what she did to me. She was about 3 years old when I had them at my tiny apartment for the weekend. I remember it was a Sunday and I would be sitting on my couch watching football and doing laundry. The girls would be playing with all the toys they had packed…

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    I suck at Bingo

    by SheaLeih. I don’t even know why I keep going. Anyway, I stole that picture from Shea. If you hadn’t heard, she broke her camera…and then tried to lie to me about it. “It was wike that when I opened it up. I pwomise.” “Shea. The flash is cracked and the battery and card holder is smashed!” *Shrug* “I downt know.” I threatened bodily harm if she didn’t tell me the twuth..er..truth. She fessed up and we had to call paw-paw to tell him what she did to the camera he bought her a year ago. So for her birthday this year he got her a new camera. *rolling eyes*…