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    Well, you were all expecting something all red huh? Naw. Not me. Today was a super busy day.
    I decided to use this picture because I’ve been thinking about my Grandma a lot lately.

    It’s been 14 years since she passed away, but sometimes I swear I can still hear her talking to me. Telling me little secrets about how to handle something.  She was a smart one.
    I miss her. She would say right now, “Well, Krissy, you just need to just need to [secret] and [secret]” and damn that woman would be spot on!


  • stuff portrait friday

    Why does all the spam mail come in around midnight?

    It seems like I get all those weird spam mails after midnight. I wonder if those people work from home or if they are dragging themselves into the office at 3 am to start mass emailing. Maybe it’s a machine that send them out? I don’t know, spam is like magic, best if I don’t know how it gets there, just that it does.

    So, it totally felt like Tuesday all day today.  Now it’s Thursday and I feel like I missed a whole day. What did I accomplish in that lost day? A trip to the store and some minor anxiety attacks about…oh, everything.

    I did get to visit with my friend Ruka tonight for a little while.  I’m pretty sure I have a sickness, I mean, other than the one that is eating away at my kidney/bladder.  She had an ipod. It looks like mine. (every time I say I have an ipod it makes me tingly) anyway, hers has colors.  So my new mission is to convince her to buy a BIGGER ipod and give me her old one. AND THIS WILL START MY COLLECTION OBSESSION WITH IPODS!   I have mentioned in past posts (that I refuse to go find for your reading pleasure) that if I have one of something, I need 2. then three. then four.  You all know how many digital cameras are in my house right? WAY TOO MANY. Some big, some small, some that are nearly 10 years old. I can’t stop.  Before that it was watches.  I have one watch I wear and it’s the kind you have to wind up…but a drawer full of watches.
    THANK GOD I don’t have an obsession with like diamonds or something, cause that would get pricey. No one just sends people diamonds. But then again, who sends people ipods either? Kimmy does. She might be one of those non-obsessive-collection people.  I’m rambling.

    So it’s Thursday and you have your SPF (look up to the right, see, I do update it!) and it’s A GIFT YOU HAVE RECEIVED. This month is all about giving.  Anyone need a watch?
    I’m actually going to put some effort into this one. Like work hard at making it just right. Capture the beauty of a gift.
    I love my red stapler that The Merry Widow sent me back in 2005. When I use it as my default picture, people think i’m holding a dildo.

    Didn’t think we were going to make it out of this blog without something totally offensive did you?

  • stuff portrait friday

    Fantabulous Weekend!

    Did everyone have a great weekend?

    Shaun and I had a rough week. This was a working weekend, but it turned out to be a great, quiet weekend. It was exactly what we needed.

    Things are looking up and we are just watching our steps.

    SPF for Friday the 14th:  Favorite Shoes
    As always, I’m inspired by some of my favorite photographers. This week it was GreenThumb.  Click Here to see my muse.

    Link me to someone that inspires you so I can get some SPF idears!

  • stuff portrait friday

    SPF :) Welcome back!

    SPF: Your Spatula…that flat thing you use to flip grilled cheese sammiches.

    I decided to try that whole balance the shit on your dogs head. Guess what? Heather might actually be a dog whisperer because my dogs, did not like it so much.

    Now, I balanced shit on my dogs head, you can leave me a comment to get me to your site. Naked pictures of George Clooney might work.

    Alright, did you play?

  • stuff portrait friday,  tyler

    Stuff Portrait Friday

    The Children are our Future

    Taking these pictures were hard on Shaun. Seeing him in a tux..and then when he put on his cap and gown…you could actually see his heart being ripped from his chest.

    This is our future.  Nooooot too shabby if I do say so myself.

    Did you play?

  • stuff portrait friday

    SPF: Youth

    How many weekends were spent at the mall searching for JUST the right pair of jeans?
    Many. Not that I could afford them, but I searched.

    As a parent of teenagers, I don’t understand how more gun accidents didn’t happen in our home.


  • stuff portrait friday

    Stuff Portrait Friday: Kids Point of View

    June 6: Through the eyes of a child.
    If you have a child;
    Allow the child to take your camera and find something they like to take a picture of. Do not prompt them on what to take, leave them to themselves to pick it.
    If you do NOT have a child…you lucky bastards;
    Get down on your stomach or knees, about the height of child or baby and see what you see from there point of view.

    (Kara — It’s her school bag. Her FAVORITE school bag. One that managed to last ALL year)

    (Shea — The and only time she’ll touch my D300)

    (Rina Roo — They love getting pictures of people getting pictures of them)

    (Alyx — She took this one in Pismo Beach on her first vacation with her best friend’s family)


  • stuff portrait friday

    15 hours without power

    Sorry everyone I missed SPF. The power went off around 6:30 pm last night and didn’t come back up until a few minutes ago.

    I have had a total of 4 hours of non-air conditioned sleep. Did I mention how hot it is? It’s like triple digit hot. My bra has become nothing more than a sweat catcher. z

    Later on, after I sleep for a solid 2 hours, I will upload some pictures.

    I’d ask if you played without me, but I know you did!

  • Shaun,  stuff portrait friday

    Preparing for Stuff Portrait Friday

    Me:”I was thinking about doing Sexual Healing…thus insuring I wouldn’t have to worry about having younger readers to my site ever again.”

    Shaun: “or how about ‘Let’s See How Far We’ve Come’.” *wiggling eyebrows*

    Me: “How about a picture of me and it could be, ‘The Last Beautiful Girl’.”

    Shaun: “Or ‘Crazy’.”

  • stuff portrait friday

    My Favorite Stuff Portrait Friday…EVER.

    This Friday will be my most favoritest of SPFs!  This whole month of May it’s going to be dedicated to music.

    May 2nd is A SONG TITLE
    May 9th is YOUR MP3 PLAYER (or Ipod for those that can afford such niceness)
    May 16th is A LYRIC FROM A SONG
    May 23rd is (SELF or SOMEONE) YOU IN MUSIC (playing an instrument, dancing, getting ready for a dance getting into music..whatever)
    May 30th- YOUR TRIBUTE

    Each week I’ll give you an example so you’re not totally lost.  For this weeks example visit the Stuff Portrait Friday page.